Summer Vacation, Hopefully….

Summer Vacation, Hopefully….

Given how “boringly beautiful” the weather is slated to be for the next couple weeks, I’m probably going to focus less on thinking about it and more on actually enjoying it.  (At least on the days when I’m not working all day!)

I probably won’t be back for a few weeks, unless:

  1.  We get a BIG heatwave with temps at least up to 105-ish for a couple days
  2. A significant monsoon/thunderstorm pattern develops on the models
  3. We get some kind of unseasonable cool spell between now and mid-August.  Doubly so if a dry Canadian airmass gets involved.

Oh, I’ll be back to say a little something about the ECLIPSE before it happens – and whether it’s possible to make any impromptu, backroad trips into Totality Land the day prior.

Otherwise…enjoy the nice summer pattern!

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